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The Little Gym to open in Champlin, MN. Little Gym, a 30-year-old franchise providing activities for infants to 12 year olds, will soon open in Champlin. 


About Little Gym
Little Gym has “professionally developed, non-competitive curriculum designed to build motor skills while having fun, and simultaneously fostering enhanced emotional, intellectual and social skills.” Classes include movement, music, gymnastics, sports, exercise, games, listening and cooperation. Each child receives individual attention and progresses at his or her own pace.

Cost: Who knows?
How much does it cost? It’s not listed on their web site. Instead, you must fill out an online form to set up a free introductory class visit to a Little Gym.

Champlin’s Little Gym will open on Business Park Boulevard North in the Town Center retail building next to Dr. B’s Sport Cuts and Kai Salon. 

For more information, visit http://www.littlegym.com or e-mail The Little Gym of Champlin at tlgchamplinmn@thelittlegym.com.


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Are there too many banks in Champlin or too few retail and commercial businesses?The City of Champlin staff and its residents have all questioned whether the community has too many banks. But the real question isn’t whether we have too many, but instead do we have too few retail and commercial businesses? 

Financial institutions compared: Champlin and surrounding communities
Deputy City Administrator John Cox and staff recently examined the number of financial institutions in neighboring cities and determined Champlin, in comparison, had a slightly higher number of financial institutions per capita. 

Champlin currently has 23,500 residents and seven banks, which equals 3,357 residents per bank, for example. In comparison, Anoka has 17,500 residents and seven banks or 2,500 residents per bank. (Click here to view a comparison of banks in Champlin to banks in surrounding communities, prepared by the City of Champlin)

“Unlike our neighbors, Champlin has only one major commercial district, which is situated along the highway [169] corridor,” said Cox. “All of our banks are located along this corridor and in close proximity, [and] I believe this situation feeds the perception.”

Local market research
A better comparison would show each of those cities and their number of banks—and retail and commercial businesses—in relation to Champlin’s. How many restaurants and retail businesses are located in Anoka, for example, in comparison to Champlin? Instead of approving more banks, the City might first consider attracting other businesses.   

“I suspect you’re correct that we have some business categories, in comparison, with a lesser presence,” said Cox.

To provide an accurate view, Cox is investigating market research that examines local consumer supply and demand.  “While we’re examining the market in one-, three- and five- mile concentric rings, our focus has been on the one-mile market, which best represents Champlin resident demand.”

Two more banks
The City of Champlin is currently aware of two financial institutions considering new facilities in Champlin.  One is Financial One Credit Union, which is interested in relocating from their existing building behind the Super Wash on 123rd Avenue and Ensign Avenue. The other financial institution is an unidentified national bank, according to Cox.

For more information, contact Cox at jcox@ci.champlin.mn.us or 763-923-7104.

Champlin residents: What do you think?
Does Champlin need more banks? What are your suggestions and opinions? Post them in the comments.

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Wilcox PaperJohn Cox, Champlin’s deputy city administrator, today announced the new owner of the Far North Windows building: Wilcox Paper. According to Cox, “Wilcox Paper, who will be leasing a portion of the building back to Far North Windows, plan to relocate their Minneapolis facility to Champlin.”

Closed after 50 years of success

FarNorth Windows & Doors, manufactured by Scherer Bros., moved its production operation from Brooklyn Park to Champlin in 2001, with the intention to grow the business; however, five years later, production was halted (Read the history of FarNorth Windows & Doors, that includes videos of the Champlin location.) The building has been for sale since fall of 2006.

New Location for Wilcox Paper

Wilcox Paper, located in Northeast Minneapolis, is an independent paper merchant that has specialized in providing creative paper solutions to the Twin Cities printing community for over 80 years. Current owner, Terry Hudy, purchased the company in 2006.  


Wilcox Paper has outgrown its current location, after 35 years, and chose Champlin because the location allows them to better serve their key accounts, and the new building will allow them to expand services. 


Hudy says they plan to move to Champlin in late August.


“We currently have 35-40 employees who we expect to move with us,” says Hudy. “However, we are planning to expand our business and expect to add more jobs in the next few years.” They are currently recruiting sales staff.


“Champlin is a nice, clean community,” said Hudy. “Wilcox Paper is looking forward to our big move!”

“Wilcox Paper is a quality business that is a great fit for the highway corridor and the Champlin community,” said Mayor Mark Uglem. “The City is extremely excited about Wilcox Paper’s plans to relocate their business and 35 employess to Champlin.” 

For more information about Wilcox Paper, e-mail owner Terry Hudy at terryh@wilcoxpaper or call 612-378-2400.

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Dr. B\'s Sportcuts in Champlin

I imagine Dr. B as an older gentleman with his hair slicked back, wearing a white coat, with clippers in hand, ready to sit you down in the barber chair for a buzz while you and the rest of the guys talk about the latest Twins game.

Ann, an employee of Dr. B’s Sport Cuts, a new hair salon in Champlin on Business Park Boulevard North in the Town Center retail building, laughed when I asked her about Dr. B. “Dr. B is actually Becky Doctor, the owner,” she said.

Doctor, a Champlin resident and owner of the salon, has been styling hair for 25 years. She wanted to open her own business catered more for men, and this is her first.

And, what is a sport cut? I thought: a buzz, a shaved head, or maybe a Rodman-style cut and color? “We have a sports theme with sports memorabilia and televisions with ESPN on all the time,” said Ann. “That’s why we say sport cuts.” She said there isn’t any particular style of sport hair cut they offer.

The salon isn’t just for men, or people who like sports. Ann says everyone—inlcuding women and children—are welcome at Dr. B’s Sport Cuts.

Cuts start at just $17. And, this week Champlin residents will receive a coupon postcard in the mail, as well as in Clip N’ Save.

For more information stop by and visit Dr. B, or call 763-323-8372. They hope to have a web site soon.

NOTE: Photo provided by Dusty Lens.

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Champlin residents wonder when new businesses will not only fill the many vacant multi-tenant commercial retailDave & Buster’s buildings, but also purchase and build on empty commercial lots. And, recently, the rumor is Dave & Buster’s is building in Champlin. 

“Dave & Buster’s has not approached the City,” said John Cox, deputy city administrator, “and conversations with the Elm Creek Commons landowner tell me there have been no discussions […] either.”  

The nearest Dave & Buster’s, a restaurant serving food, drinks and more than 200 games, opened in Maple Grove, a northwestern suburb of Minneapolis, just more than a year ago.  

Cox says he has “very little news” about future developments other than O’Reilly’s Auto Parts scheduled to move into Champlin Plaza in spring.  

Contact Cox for more information about Champlin business developments at jcox@ci.champlin.mn.us or visit The City of Champlin’s web site at http://www.ci.champlin.mn.us/.  

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With new tenants approved to lease retail space at Champlin Plaza, located off Champlin Drive and Hayden Lake Road, Deputy City Administrator John Cox states, “It will be the first time in memory the plaza has been fully leased.”

O’Reilly Auto Parts was approved last week to obtain a conditional use permit to operate an 8,200-squareChamplin Plaza in 2007-foot auto parts store in Champlin Plaza, between True Value and Yummy Buffet.

O’Reilly Auto Parts is an auto parts retailer that began in 1957 and currently has 1,700 locations nationwide. In 2005, O’Reilly purchased Midwest Automotive Distributors, Inc., adding 71 retail locations in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming and has a distribution center located in St. Paul.

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Commercial Property for sale in Champlin

Are new businesses moving in? When will the building near the movie theater be finished? At football games, in the aisles at Target and at neighborhood get-togethers Champlin residents are asking questions about the new multi-tenant commercial buildings near Target and the Mann Theatre. 

Scott Schulte, city planner, has the answers.

Market slow-down

Shulte says the owners built the multi-tenant commercial buildings expecting to have occupancy. “Given the market slow-down, the [owners] are having a hard time finding tenants.”

There are three commercial buildings in Champlin currently under construction or near completion:

  • The Champlin Town Center, a 29,000 square foot retail center just north of Target on the east side of Highway 169
  • Champlin Retail Plaza, next to Minnwest Bank
  • Champlin Station, a 17,000 square foot building located just north of Mann Theatre

Champlin Station at a standstill

The construction of Champlin Station is at a standstill. Shulte says the owner has no tenant commitments and therefore has delayed its completion. The City of Champlin is hopeful the owner will enclose the building and at least finish construction on the parking lot before winter. “We have limited ability to force completion, but we do require they make progress toward completion (meaning they must demonstrate progress every six months).”

More information

For more information about City of Champlin developments, visit their web site at http://ci.champlin.mn.us  or contact City Planner Scott Shulte at 763-923-7102 or schulte@ci.champlin.mn.us.

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