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The Little Gym to open in Champlin, MN. Little Gym, a 30-year-old franchise providing activities for infants to 12 year olds, will soon open in Champlin. 


About Little Gym
Little Gym has “professionally developed, non-competitive curriculum designed to build motor skills while having fun, and simultaneously fostering enhanced emotional, intellectual and social skills.” Classes include movement, music, gymnastics, sports, exercise, games, listening and cooperation. Each child receives individual attention and progresses at his or her own pace.

Cost: Who knows?
How much does it cost? It’s not listed on their web site. Instead, you must fill out an online form to set up a free introductory class visit to a Little Gym.

Champlin’s Little Gym will open on Business Park Boulevard North in the Town Center retail building next to Dr. B’s Sport Cuts and Kai Salon. 

For more information, visit http://www.littlegym.com or e-mail The Little Gym of Champlin at tlgchamplinmn@thelittlegym.com.


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It’s been at least a year since the pedestrian bridge across Highway 169 has opened, and who is using it? Not many.

According to the City of Champlin 2007 Residential study, more than 70% of residents have rarely or never used the pedestrian bridge. Most likely, that percentage refers to adults who filled out and returned the survey (2007 Champlin Resident Survey: Pedestrian Bridge).

One could assume the percentage of youth who use the bridge, at least occasionally, would be much higher.

Haydn Hamilton, Jackson Middle School eighth grader, said the pedestrian bridge gives him the opportunity to ride his bike to his friends’ homes, to school or to Target. “Before my mom would never allow me to cross 169, and that means I couldn’t ride my bike to some of my friends’ homes. Now, I can do that, and I don’t have to worry about getting hit by cars,” said Hamilton. He says he crosses the bridge at least four or more times per week, and often rides his bike to school.

How many Champlin youth are using the bridge, and why are less than 30% of Champlin adults occasionally using the bridge?

The answer may simply be that Champlin hasn’t always been a pedestrian-friendly community. But, the City of Champlin is working to provide more opportunities. The pedestrian bridge and more sidewalks, such as along Hayden Lake Road, are the first steps.

Now, it’s time for the community to take advantage of the opportunities provided to pedestrians.

“The bridge ties us directly to the community center, and we’re taking advantage of it,” said Laurence Johnson, Champlin resident. He and his family take every opportunity to bicycle or walk to businesses along Champlin Drive, near his home. “It’s good for our health, our community and more importantly, the environment.”

Ronalee Haugen moved to Champlin from Brooklyn Center and said a pedestrian bridge was a factor in selecting their current home. “I value the ability to have a transit-friendly community and one that is also safe for kids,” said Haugen. “The pedestrian bridge is a step in the right direction for Champlin as are the sidewalks and trail systems.”

There are two access points to the pedestrian bridge. From the west, use the entrance off Business Park Boulevard North, near Ruby Tuesdays. And west of 169, use the entrance from Theatre Drive north, near Mann Theatre.  

Explore Champlin, as a pedestrian

Walk or ride bike to the Champlin Mann Theatre
Going to Champlin Mann Theatre for a movie this weekend? Walk or ride your bike. There is a rack in front of the theater for locking up your bike, and you can use the pedestrian bridge if you are coming from the east side of Champlin. You might burn enough calories for a guilt-free buttered popcorn! Or stop at Moonrock Bar & Grill  afterward for appetizers and a drink. If you bring your movie stub, you get a discount.

Encourage kids and families to walk to school
It is national Walk to School Day on October 3. And, there are only a few schools in Minnesota that are participating (no Champlin schools) Visit http://www.walktoschool-usa.org/ to learn more about how our community can get involved. Let our schools and city officials know we are interested in participating!

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