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Even though the opening of the Tilden Avenue Bridge was held Tuesday, July 1, it isn’t open!

Shannon looking over the Road Closed sign on Tilden Avenue bridge in Champlin, MN

Road Closed sign on Tilden Avenue bridge in Champlin, MN

The bridge is closed. Driving over the bridge and through the “Road Closed Signs” can earn you a $140 ticket and your car will be towed at your expense.

Champlin resident Laurence Johnson last Friday rode his motorcycle across the bridge. “I saw a police officer blocking a car from crossing. Soon enough, I was pulled over by an officer waiting for me at the other end. ”

Johnson had read an article in the Champlin-Dayton press about the bridge. “Apparently, many residents, like me, thought the bridge was open to the public.”

“It was anticipated that the bridge opening would occur shortly after the ribbon cutting,” said Deputy City Administrator John Cox. “However, the contractor still has some punch-list items to complete and has the right to keep the bridge closed while they are working on those items. Under the terms of our contract, the bridge must be open by this Friday, July 18th.” Until that day, you will be fined if you drive across the bridge.

The Tilden Avenue Bridge is the largest public works project in Champlin’s history, and The Hayden Lake Road/Tilden Avenue Road and Utility project cost $21 million. The project included reconstruction of Hayden Lake Road, construction of Tilden Avenue and the bridge, as well as adding two miles of sanitary sewer pipe and a regional pumping station to serve the northeastern section of Dayton and the northwestern portion of Champlin.

For more information, contact the Champlin Deputy City Administrator John Cox at jcox@ci.champlin.mn.us or 763-923-7104.


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Champlin Mill Pond, located on the northeast corner of Highway 169 and Hayden Lake Road in Champlin, Minnesota, has been managed as a Kid’s Fishing Pond since 1976.

A fishing pier and accessible shoreline are available to anglers. Additional park amenities include a pavilion, picnic tables, benches, grills and trail system.

More Information

Champlin Mill Pond in spring located in Champlin, MN

 Mill Pond in spring (Photo by Laurenceio)

Champlin Mill Pond in winter located in Champlin, MN

Mill Pond in winter (photo by MN Dusty Lens)

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Shannon looking over the Road Closed sign on Tilden Avenue bridge in Champlin, MNMy family and I walked west on Hayden Lake Road and across the new bridge or roadway connection, called Tilden Avenue. Although the weather was far from pleasing for a typical April afternoon, we enjoyed the views from the bridge, examined the massive equipment from a distance, and all wondered: When will the bridge will finally be completed and open?

According to the WSB & Associates‘ web site:

The City of Champlin, in partnership with Hennepin County and the Metropolitan Council of Environmental Services (MCES), will be completing construction of the improvements to Hayden Lake Road, French Lake Road, Vera Street, and Champlin Drive by early summer 2008. The new Tilden Avenue roadway connection, between Hayden Lake Road and French Lake Road, is scheduled to be completed by late June.

The three-span bridge was substantially completed in 2007, and it has a 12-foot path on the west side and Tilden Avenue Bridge in Champlin, MNan 8-foot sidewalk on the east side. Although it isn’t paved yet, we walked along the crushed rock imagining how much we’ll enjoy using the path later this summer.

“The proposed 8-foot bituminous trail along the west side of Tilden Avenue from Valley Forge Lane to Hayden Lake Road will be completed by July 1, 2008,” states the WSB web site. “The 8-foot trail, when completed, will extend from Valley Forge Lane to Cartway Road where it then narrows up to a 5-foot sidewalk down to Champlin Drive to complete the Massive equipment on Tilden Bridge in Champlin, MNpedestrian connection along the project corridor.”

I don’t know about you, but we can’t wait!

For more information, visit WSB & Associates information-packed web site with updates and photos or contact the Champlin Deputy City Administrator John Cox at jcox@ci.champlin.mn.us or 763-923-7104.

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You drive up to the stoplight at Hayden Lake Road east and 169 in the left-hand-through lane. There are three cars behind you waiting for the light to turn green as well. Just before the light changes, a Dodge ram truck pulls up next to you in the right-hand lane. You and the ram cross 169 on the green light. What happens next is a question: Is the Ram turning right on Business Park Boulevard toward Target, or does it think it can squeeze in front of you and the three cars behind?

Currently, there is no pavement marking or sign indicating the lane is a right-hand-turn only, and as a result, some use the lane in hopes of speeding past those in the left-hand lane.

John Cox, deputy city administrator, says the engineers working on the Hayden Lake Road project will add an “ONLY” pavement marking in the right-hand lane on the east side of 169. They will also include a “Right Turn Arrow.”

This is scheduled to be completed in the next two-to-three weeks.

Highway 169 and Hayden Lake Road East Intersection
Hayden Lake Road East and Highway 169 Intersection

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Road construction at Hayden Lake Road and Cartway Road is nearer to completion. The signal lights are on, and so are the Cameras at Hayden Lake Roadcameras. Cameras?

No, it’s not Big Brother watching you run that stoplight! The camera located on top of the signal poles at Cartway/Hayden Lake Road are for vehicle detection said Ben Dzioba, engineer for WSB & Associates, Inc. “When a car pulls up to the intersection, the camera detects the presence of the vehicle and tells the signal to switch from one direction to another.” Dzioba says the cameras are not pointed at the car, but instead toward the pavement, and no information is recorded.

For more information, e-mail Dzioba at bdzioba@wsbeng.com or call 763-512-5249.

Hayden Lake and Cartway Road Signal Lights
Signal lights at the intersection of Hayden Lake Road and Cartway Road

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