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Champlin Mill Pond, located on the northeast corner of Highway 169 and Hayden Lake Road in Champlin, Minnesota, has been managed as a Kid’s Fishing Pond since 1976.

A fishing pier and accessible shoreline are available to anglers. Additional park amenities include a pavilion, picnic tables, benches, grills and trail system.

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Champlin Mill Pond in spring located in Champlin, MN

 Mill Pond in spring (Photo by Laurenceio)

Champlin Mill Pond in winter located in Champlin, MN

Mill Pond in winter (photo by MN Dusty Lens)


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Dr. B\'s Sportcuts in Champlin

I imagine Dr. B as an older gentleman with his hair slicked back, wearing a white coat, with clippers in hand, ready to sit you down in the barber chair for a buzz while you and the rest of the guys talk about the latest Twins game.

Ann, an employee of Dr. B’s Sport Cuts, a new hair salon in Champlin on Business Park Boulevard North in the Town Center retail building, laughed when I asked her about Dr. B. “Dr. B is actually Becky Doctor, the owner,” she said.

Doctor, a Champlin resident and owner of the salon, has been styling hair for 25 years. She wanted to open her own business catered more for men, and this is her first.

And, what is a sport cut? I thought: a buzz, a shaved head, or maybe a Rodman-style cut and color? “We have a sports theme with sports memorabilia and televisions with ESPN on all the time,” said Ann. “That’s why we say sport cuts.” She said there isn’t any particular style of sport hair cut they offer.

The salon isn’t just for men, or people who like sports. Ann says everyone—inlcuding women and children—are welcome at Dr. B’s Sport Cuts.

Cuts start at just $17. And, this week Champlin residents will receive a coupon postcard in the mail, as well as in Clip N’ Save.

For more information stop by and visit Dr. B, or call 763-323-8372. They hope to have a web site soon.

NOTE: Photo provided by Dusty Lens.

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Champlin’s Mann Theatre by Laurence JohnsonBesides eating mini burgers and drinking Newcastle Brown Ale at Maverick’s Wood Grill, I also enjoy watching a movie at Champlin’s Mann 14 Movie Theatre. And, on Fridays, as I drive north past the theatre on Highway 169 after a long day at work, I wonder: What movies are playing? And, there’s no sign, no movie-theatre-big-flashing-lights-and-marquee to inform me.

I asked Steve Mann, president and owner of Mann Theatres, based in Bloomington, why they have no marquee or movie posters on the front of the building, as most movie theatres do (view an example of the marquee on their St. Louis Park location).

The cost-benefit test: Is Champlin worth it?
Mann says his theatre was one of the first businesses to move into the commercial development between Elm Creek Parkway and 117th Avenue in Champlin—before Caribou Coffee, Moonrock Bar & Grill, and Buffalo Wild Wings were built.

At the time, Mann had used all of their allotted sign space. As the area began to develop, and Caribou Coffee and Mobil were built, he requested the City of Champlin allow him to add a new sign.

“As you drive north on 169, you can’t see the theatre from the road until you pass Caribou Coffee,” said Mann. “We wanted to build a pylon-type sign at the edge of our parking lot that would be lit at night.” After persuading the City to allow them to build it, Mann sent out a request for bids. “Needless to say, I was shocked,” he said. The bid for installation was $62,000—and that was three years ago.

How about simply adding a marquee to the face of the building above the door or hanging posters and movie times on the side of the building? Mann said posters are difficult to maintain, and he said many new theatres aren’t using traditional marquees; most now use scrolling, digital ones (which he’d prefer, but he has not yet pursued for Champlin). Each theatre is encouraged to post a list of shows and times on the front door for patrons; however, there was no sign on the door when I visited on April 3. Otherwise Mann suggested viewing shows and times online or calling 763-712-9955.

Deputy City Administrator John Cox said the City requested more signage from Mann Theatres, which is rare to do. “The City of Champlin has had several discussions with the Mann’s regarding the sign, but we have been told the cost is prohibitive or at least, has not met the cost-benefit test.”

Build it, and they will come—at least not yet
Mann says he was hopeful more restaurants would move into the area, especially since Target opened in to Champlin, just north of their theatre location. “That usually brings more business to a community,” he said. However, he noted, there seems to be a lot of small, community banks instead.

Most of the multi-residential buildings near the theatre sit empty or unfinished, with only Moonrock Bar and Grill and Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants open after years of development. And Cox says he has “very little news” about future developments. (Also, read the 9/07 posting regarding multi-tenant commercial retail in Champlin).

Theatres, signs, popcorn and gas prices (Yes, they really are related)
Mann says he’s concerned. Not only has development slowed in Champlin, but also, the increased gasoline prices are impacting everything including the oil they use for the popcorn (Mann says a barrel of popcorn oil used to cost $47, and now because of gas prices it has increased to $101).

Does all of this mean they won’t consider adding signage in the future? No, but it won’t happen any time soon. For now, he doesn’t believe the benefit of adding signage outweighs the cost.

So, there’s no marquee or poster signs, and popcorn oil prices have increased? That won’t stop me from going to the movies this Friday and munching on a bag of lightly-buttered $101-per-barrel-of-oil movie-theatre popcorn. See you there!

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